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Channeling Your Guides II

This seminar is an opportunity to expand your Channeling skills and develop a deeper relationship with your guides. This connection can support all aspects of your life, helping you to make better choices day to day, and to align more fully with your soul's highest purpose. You can become more  adept at finding a higher spiritual perspective that can assist others on their journey of healing, or in whatever area of life you are exploring.

Deepen Your Connection

Dates/Times, Registration and Tuition

Prerequisite: Connecting to and Channelling your Guides Level 1

A Greeting to You from the Guides’ Realm

This next step for you is about improving and expanding upon your connection with your guides and with the realms of light.  As you expand this connection, as you develop in your skill in reaching into these realms, you become that light, and you become the source of that light.  You access the increasing potential that exists of that light and you come into alignment with your higher purpose.  Much of the class will focus on bringing your attention to higher purpose, to awakening and consciously connecting to these light realms.   As that connection continues to evolve and develop, increasingly all of your actions will come from the perspective of these realms of light.

These are many new frequencies that are becoming available for the Earth, and by working with them you will deepen and solidify your connections to the higher realms.   You are invited to come and be a part of this exploration and transformation of consciousness.

Some of what you can expect!
  • Strengthen your connection with your guide
  • Explore connecting to and channeling more amazing high beings
  • Bring your channeling skills to a new level
  • Access vast consciousness
  • Play in the higher realms of light
  • Wonderful, fun and excitingnew journeys!

 We look forward to exploring these worlds together with you !

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