Tuition and Deposits for Medical Qigong Practitioner,Therapist and Master's Trainings

Full course tuition for each level is $3,675.00, whether you attend the whole course personally or do part by DVD. Taxes may apply.

Each seminar is $900.00 when attended individually and without commitment to the  year-long program. Students who commit to the full year-long training will pay a tuition of $3200.00 ($800.00 per seminar), plus $375.00 for the clinic.

Students can agree to a payment plan of $800.00 per seminar and $375 for the clinic, making a $350.00 deposit which is applied to the fourth seminar.  For Shamanic Chinese Medicine there is an $385 for the Channeling weekend.  The five volume texts come to $400 (USD) plus shipping.

You are gifted 5 days of seminar auditing without charge for each level of training you have completed and full access to audit courses as TA upon completion of MMQ.

Practitioner Trainings:

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Vancouver Location: Stanley Park Pavilion