If you are having an issue with the place where you live or work, Wendy is an expert at clearing spaces of negative energies, entities and forces.  We live in a culture that does not recognize the importance of having a healthy, clean energetic environment. It often takes some time to realize that it's not you, it's the space you are inhabiting.  It can be a disturbing energy “cold spot”, a feeling in a room that spirals emotionally downward, children being upset and afraid, illnesses occurring for no reason etc.  Sometimes these energies are from previous building occupants, indigenous people who had lived on the land, wandering ghosts, entities etc.  These can be gently cleared, with all the energies restored to greater harmony, lost souls assisted on their journey and dark forces tamed with light.  An energetic house clearing can have wonderful affects on everyone in the space, improving health, vitality, relationships etc. 

Wendy has worked on some extremely challenging cases with great success and is always happy to be of assistance in these matters.

Space Clearing Sessions are available either "In Person" or "At a Distance".

Arrange your session either through email or by calling Wendy at (415) 768-2983

In Person Sessions

Arrange for Wendy to visit the location.  Costs for this include travel time, cost etc. depending upon the location.

Contact Wendy either via email or by phone.

Distance Sessions

Because Wendy works with people and places all over the world, it isn’t always possible to have an in person session.  For that reason, she offers her work remotely.  She can easily access and read the energies of a given location. It is helpful but not necessary for her to have some pictures and/or an architectural  blue print of the building.

To have a Space Clearing session with Wendy, it is possible to communicate via Skype, telephone or email.  The power and the energy of these clearing sessions cannot be constrained by space or time!

Rates: $195.00 per hour