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Shamanic Chinese Medicine and Medical Qigong Trainings

Shamanic Chinese Medicine/Medical Qigong is the re-emergence of one of the most ancient healing practices on Earth.  The “Wu” shaman used non-ordinary states of consciousness to perceive and interact with the spirit world in order to bring healing to physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual disorders.  The ancient Wu were female. Later, men became Shamans and were call Wu Yi. The roots of Taoism and Chinese Medicine can be found in these primordial shamanic practices. To become a practitioner of this healing art, one must master and utilize the secret knowledge passed down from the Wu healers of ancient times.

This exciting three-year, Empty Mountain Institute certification training, guides students through a powerful process of growth and transformation that begins with personal Qi development and emotional clearing. Through study and practice, students develop energy skills and awareness, a compassionate heart, and their latent paranormal abilities - emerging as true Masters of Shamanic Chinese Medicine and Medical Qigong.

  • Offering three levels of certification: Practitioner, Therapist and Masters.Each level consists of four, five day seminars (40 hours each), generally taken over the course of a year, one weekend, plus a three day all levels clinic for a total of 200 hours.  
  • In addition to receiving certification from Empty Mountain Institute, these trainings also follow the guidelines of the International Institute of Medical Qigong, meeting all standards and requirements to receive certification. Additional required courses for Shamanic Chinese Medicine certification include Channeling I, Mediumship, Channeling II and Light Body Meditation Awakening Series.
  • This course utilizes volumes 1 - 5 of Chinese Energetic Medicine by Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson.

Shamanic Chinese Medicine/Medical Qigong 

Levels of Certification

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Wendy Lang regularly offers seminars in California and British Columbia. If you would like to organize lectures, seminars or workshops in your area, please contact us.


"Wendy is a true master who assists all she meets in reopening channels that lead to healing, freedom & the belief in ones own Sacred Gifts. Eternally grateful!"

—Sasha C

"Wendy is a gifted and empowering instructor. Her courses are comprehensive, professional, enlightening and fun!"

—Leanne B

“Wendy is a truly gifted and skilled Qigong Teacher and Healer. She brings immense patience, kindness and wisdom to her work.  Being in Wendy's presence has changed my life. “

—Denise A

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