"It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles.
Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you,
not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell."

The purpose of Medical Qigong Soul Retrieval is to recover the parts of our subtle bodies that have been lost, forgotten or given away, due to any kind of trauma, abuse, or loss of relationship (real or imagined). Events in life that don’t allow us to be ourselves and stand in our own power can cause parts of our vital soul essence to fragment and be lost, in order to adapt, survive and feel lovable.  For example, the need to feel safe could cause us to build an emotional wall around ourselves in order to survive in a brutal environment.  In doing so, the part of us that could be emotionally available might be lost, and life could become a string of unhappy relationships.  Another situation could be an over-controlling parent who might demand you give over your own ideas and will to them in order to be loved.  Being yourself could be dangerous and lead you to bury unacceptable parts away in order to survive.  We learn to carry on being less than whole. This can result in physical, mental or emotional pain and anguish, leading to chronic depression, apathy, lack of direction, chronic pain and chronic disease.

The Soul Retrieval is a journey into the darkness that requires bravery and commitment.  We have to find, face and understand why and how we have given away our soul parts.  We have to own and completely forgive our part in the story as well as all the other parts.  There is a strong metaphysical alchemy that occurs only when this is complete.  It is unmistakable and you are filled with an amazing sense of vibrancy and light.  This is the resolution, and that which was lost is returned in even greater splendor.  This journey makes the soul stronger and wiser, and always holds a great connection to you “life purpose”.

Once we have uncovered the cause, resolved the underlying belief/assumption and retrieved the vital essence, then we are able to move forward in our lives, literally, stepping off the wheel of recurring negative situations or loops. 

Having a piece of your soul come back to you is unlike any other feeling.  What was holding the missing part is gone and your own energy and vitality is back, but through the process, something even more beautiful and more powerful is gained. Once you have experienced soul retrieval, you will find a fulfillment and wholeness unlike any other you have felt before. Wendy invites you on this amazing journey of self-discovery, self-empowerment and self-healing.  All of the answers you are seeking lie within!

"The amount of energy and life-force that we are able to feel and experience is directly related to the degree of connection to our center core. When we deny our true feelings, we disconnect from our core self and begin to identify with our created social masks. We may smile when we really feel angry, for example, or pretend to be indifferent to our hurts. We lose our creative ability when we deny this deeper connection because creative inspiration comes from our core. When we attempt to prevent the negative feelings of anger, pain, or fear, we also prevent ourselves from being able to experience a wide spectrum of the positive emotions, and negate the possibility of healing the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of an experience. During Medical Qigong treatments, patients regress layer by layer through the pain and fear embedded in patterns of blocked energy that give rise to symptoms of disease. Even though the patient's emotional release may cause frightening memories, the pain decreases with the dispersal of the original trauma.

In clinical practice, most of the patients' pain comes not from the original trauma but from the unconscious belief system that was established to protect them from the original trauma. In other words, more pain and illness is created by the avoidance of working through the original trauma (denial) than was present in the original event itself. It requires enormous amounts of energy to suppress our true feelings, and each time we do so we simultaneously exhaust and injure ourselves. Any attempt at healing that does not address the deeper release of these emotional and energetic patterns from the tissues and psyche will ultimately be less effective."

From Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy Volume One - Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson

All Soul Retrieval sessions are 75 - 90 minutes and available either "In Person" or "At a Distance"
Rates for Public:

30 minutes: 1 session $100.00 USD, or $120.00 CAD

60 minutes: 1 session $185.00 USD or$195.00 CAD

90 minutes: 1 session $225.00 USD or $250.00 CAD

Rates for Students:

30 minutes: 1 session $80.00 USD, or $95.00 CAD

60 minutes: 1 session $145.00 USD or$165.00 CAD

90 minutes: 1 session $185.00 USD or $195.00 CAD

In Person Sessions

These take place in Wendy's comfortable home office, or at an arranged location when she is traveling.  Please wear comfortable clothes.

Contact Wendy either via email or by phone (415) 786-2983.

Distance Sessions

Because Wendy works with people from all over the world, it isn’t always possible to have an in person session.  For that reason, she offers her work remotely.  She can easily access and read a person’s energy from any distance at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, and even when they are no longer on the physical plane.

If you want to have a “Soul Retrieval” session with Wendy, it is best to either communicate over Skype or via telephone. The same is true for “Channeling and Mediumship” sessions.  The power and the energy of these healing sessions cannot be constrained by space or time!