Qigong healing has been used in China for thousands of years to successfully to treat many conditions. Qi emission is used to send Qi energy into the body to charge up the immune system, helping the body restore health and vitality. A full treatment involves cleansing the body, restoring vital energy and balancing the systems. Until recently there were Medical Qigong Hospitals in China, offering these powerful energy treatments with consistently positive results.

Wendy always begins her sessions with an energy reading to show her the most.  What she perceives will  the tone and direction the treatment will take.  As a Qigong therapist, her hands, and mind, have been trained to direct the flow of Qi energy to bring about healing.  Treatments are gentle yet powerful and are specifically tailored to what each individual body, mind and spirit needs.  There is no need to undress, so soft, comfortable clothing is recommended.  You will be lying on a massage table for the session and should feel very comfortable throughout as Wendy works with hands both on and off the body.  Verbal dialogue is often an important aspect of the sessions as well.

Following the session there will be time for feedback and then recommending some prescription homework qigong exercises or meditations tailored precisely to your needs so you can continue the healing journey after the session. 

"The patient's healing must be allowed to occur throughout the various levels of energetic progression (spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical) in order to fully re-pattern the energetic and spiritual matrices that created the disease."

Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson

Medical Qigong Therapy Sessions can be arranged for 30 - 90 minutes and are available either "In Person" or "At a Distance" (until end of pandemic - distance only)
Rates for Public:

30 minutes: 1 session $100.00 USD, or $120.00 CAD

60 minutes: 1 session $185.00 USD or$195.00 CAD

90 minutes: 1 session $225.00 USD or $250.00 CAD

Rates for Students:

30 minutes: 1 session $80.00 USD, or $95.00 CAD

60 minutes: 1 session $145.00 USD or$165.00 CAD

90 minutes: 1 session $185.00 USD or $195.00 CAD

In Person Sessions

These take place in Wendy's comfortable home office, or at an arranged location when she is traveling.  Please wear comfortable clothes.

Contact Wendy either via email or by phone (415) 786-2983.

Distance Sessions

Because Wendy works with people from all over the world, it often isn't possible to have an in person session.  For that reason, she offers her work remotely.  Surprisingly, distance isn’t really a factor in energy healing, whether it’s 1 foot, one mile or a thousand miles is irrelevant.  Quantum mechanics or morphic fields might explain the phenomena.  Remote healing is an integral aspect of many different healing traditions and has been going on for thousands of years. 

Scientific studies have shown that prayer can positively affect the health of an ailing person, even if the person praying does not know the person for whom they are praying. When Wendy transmits energy to a distant client, it works on a similar principle. However, Medical Qigong Therapy uses more specific frequencies and energies during the distance treatment. 

Wendy can easily assess a person’s energy at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, and then work with them at a distance.  If a person is interested in a Qigong Therapy session, she will energetically assess, and then, depending upon her diagnosis, most likely purge toxic Qi, tonify with fresh energy and balance the fields.

These are not subtle energy sessions, but instead are very profound and palpable! These kinds of sessions can be 30, 60 or 90 minutes.  The best way to receive the treatment is to lie down and relax. This will allow you to be more open to healing energies.  If you are for some reason not available at that time, Wendy always asks that the session be delivered to you at actual time – or – the next time you are able to lie down and receive it. The power and the energy of these sessions is not constrained by space or time!

"Traditional Chinese Medicine approaches disease with the understanding that the energy and cellular function of the tissues must both be harmonized in order to initiate healing. Every cell of the body responds to and produces sound, light, magnetic, electrical and heat. Thus, all tissues and functions of the body can be either positively or negatively influenced by the amount and quality of anyone of the above five energies. The majority of celestial and environmental influences on the body (excluding more subtle aspects of the Shen) can be explained in terms of these energies."

From: Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy Volume One by Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson