ā€œIā€™d like to share my insights about the Awakening Your Light Body Series.  Light Body is a rare and powerful form of guided meditation that has many purposes: it is powerfully grounding, it can help resolve the multiple stumbling blocks and painful issues in your life.  Over time it awakens a dormant and purified aspect of your consciousness that is able to tackle problems and obstacles that seemed insurmountable previously. It is an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to evolve spiritually and gain more ease as a healer and wants a more streamlined and effortless experience as a human on planet earth.ā€

Andres Vergara L.Ac, Dipl.Ac

"I have been a student of Light Body meditations for the last few months, and have found it has benefitted me personally as well as professionally. Personally, I have more energy, am less reactive to incidents occurring in my life, have more equanimity and feel less anger and irritation towards others.  I feel happier, more content and more at peace.  I have gained greater clarity of thought, and greater clarity regarding who I am and what my life purpose is.  I have a tangible connection to the Divine. It feels as if the vibration that is me is growing more refined, radiant and beautiful through a combination of Medical Qigong and Light Body work.

Professionally, I am becoming more effective as a qigong class leader and treatment provider.  I have dedicated students who come faithfully to classes; they report significant shifts in their lives that other people notice, and they are bringing their friends to classes. The ability to sense energy at all levels during treatments has increased, and there is greater confidence in the information received. Doing Light Body work has amplified the effects of four years of Medical Qigong training. I highly recommend learning Light Body meditation as an adjunct to Medical Qigong training ā€“ it has the potential to shift energetic awareness and your own vibration to a higher, finer level, making you a more balanced, more effective Medical Qigong practitioner at any level."

Caroline Kimoto MMQ