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Connecting to and Channeling your Guides:
Level I and Level II Classes

Is it really possible for me to meet my guides and channel Divine wisdom?

Yes. The most important prerequisite is your desire and intention to make the connection. In this course you will learn how to connect with your highest guides and/or Higher Self, and verbally channel their message. Wendy Lang regularly trains ordinary people to channel using safe, simple, and effective techniques. Wendy used to assist her partner Phillip Weber who trained as an assistant with Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman. After his passing in 2013 she chose to continue offering this important work. She will cover what a trance state is, how guides transmit messages, your role as a receiver and translator, who the guides are, how to recognize high-level guides, how to attract a guide, what to expect, and how to develop your channeling skills. They taught this class together for over 15 years (Phillip for 25 years) to both large and small groups of students. They consistently received wonderful feedback, with many powerful and life changing experiences being reported.

How could I benefit from creating this connection?

Learning to connect with and channel your guide is for everyone on a path of spiritual growth. It is for healers, teachers, leaders, and all who want to connect with their soul and the higher realms. It is for those who want to manifest their highest purpose in this lifetime. If you have been studying Medical Qigong Therapy, this is an essential skill to develop as a healer. Learning to connect with your guides will allow you to channel Divine energies, and will make the subtle energies that you are working with much more tangible in your experience.

How will I learn how to channel?

Wendy and her guides will create a safe and powerful environment for you to learn in. She will teach you how to go into trance, and verbally channel your guide. You will learn how to connect with a high level guide to bring through messages, and practice doing so for both yourself and others.

Wendy Lang

Wendy has been a student of Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer for 25 years and a teacher of their program “ Awakening Your Light Body".  She enjoys teaching Medical Qigong/Shamanic Chinese Medicine and offers a three year training which leads to a Master's level qualification. Following the loss of her partner Phillip, she has felt a call from "the other side" to continue the Channeling classes.  She has been told that a new doorway is being established between the worlds through the deep connection that she shares with Phillip.  Phillip was an amazing channel and traveller in the higher realms, bringing through wonderful energies and information as well as a unique style of music for inter-dimensional meditation experiences.


"Thank you again for the wonderful channeling course.  Something shifted - it feels as if I am generating more Qi now, like the voltage has increase many, many times!  Something happened to help me to experience and move to a much higher place of resonance…thank you so much Wendy!" 

C Kimoto

"I am soooo grateful to you (and to Phillip) for sharing your gifts and making this possible.  It has changed my life!"

J May

"I wanted to say that your workshop of Connecting with your Guides was amazing!!! I am so super happy that I did it!!! It gave me a huge amount of clarity about so many things, and since your workshop my life has blossoming -  more and more. Whenever I put on your recorded induction and do what we were taught over the weekend, my creativity emerges in a way that I never thought possible!!!  I have done many workshops over the years but none has made an impact as big as this one! Also, even though  I have different certificates in energy healing, I could never completely believe in guides, until this workshop.  You are both so down to earth, such beautiful people, and so helpful. You answered all of our questions and you really walk your talk. How inspiring! I felt so great throughout the entire weekend class.  You are really there for your students.  I hope you use my testimonial so other people can hear how amazing your workshop is and the difference you are making!"

Esperanza F

Recommended Reading: "Opening to Channel: How to Connect with Your Guide",  by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. Helpful to purchase and read the first section before the seminar.