A great way to get a session is to let Wendy's intuitive guidance decide the direction of the session. These kinds of sessions often begin with an energy reading and can focus on Medical Qigong Healing, Channeled Guidance and Mediumship, Soul Retrieval or a combination of these.

Medical Qigong Therapy

Medical Qigong Therapy developed over the course of thousands of years in China, and has been used very successfully to treat many conditions. It is one of the Four Branches of Chinese Medicine.  Qi emission is used to send Qi energy into the body to charge up the immune system, helping the body restore health and vitality. A full treatment involves cleansing the body of toxins, restoring vital energy and balancing the systems. An ancient holistic practice, founded in the wisdom of understanding body, mind and spirit.  more...

Medical Qigong Soul Retrieval

Sometimes in life we find ourselves in extreme situations where we feel unable to stand in our power.  In order to survive, we adapt by fragmenting and disowning aspects of ourselves that feel dangerous, weak, unacceptable etc.  This breaking apart can cause physical, mental or emotional pain and anguish, leading to chronic depression, apathy, lack of direction, chronic pain and chronic disease. With Sour Retrieval, we are able to  uncovered the initial cause, resolve the issue and underlying belief system and then retrieve the lost part. This work then allows you to move forward in your life, literally, stepping off the wheel of suffering.  more...

Channeled Guidance and Mediumship Sessions

Wendy is able to connect you with the great wisdom of the beings of light we call "the Guides".  Their guidance offers a higher perspective on life's challenges and helps bring you back into alignment with your soul's life purpose.  Guides are always loving, kind and extremely supportive.  They are able to bring through the information and wisdom that you need to move forward in your life in the best way possible.  With her guides' help, Wendy is also able to connect with those who have passed on and relate their messages for those left behind.  This communication is always powerful and deeply healing in surprising ways.  more...

Space Clearing for Home and Office

Space Clearing is a way to create a clean and healthy energetic environment in your home, office etc.  Old energy from previous occupants can become stuck in a location, causing a feeling of discomfort and negativity.  Wendy is able to release this stuck energy in whatever form (emotional imprints, ghost, entities etc.) and bring a sense of fresh vitality back into the location.  Wendy uses her expertise in Medical Qigong and Channeling/Mediumship and has had amazing results, even in very challenging situations.  more...

All Sessions are available either "In Person" or "At a Distance"
In Person Sessions

These usually take place in Wendy's comfortable home office, or at an arranged location when she is traveling.  Please wear comfortable clothes.  Wendy is available to travel to different locations for space clearing sessions.

Contact Wendy either via email or by phone (415) 924-7883.

Distance Sessions

Because Wendy works with people from all over the world, it often isn't possible to have an in person session.  For that reason, she offers her work remotely.  Surprisingly, distance isn’t really a factor, whether it’s 1 foot, one mile or a thousand miles is irrelevant.  Quantum physics or morphic fields might explain the phenomena.  Remote healing is an integral aspect of many different healing traditions and has been going on for thousands of years.  Scientific studies have shown that prayer can positively affect the health of an ailing person, even if the person praying does not know the person they are praying for. 

Wendy can easily assess a person’s energy at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, and then work with them at a distance.  She can also connect with her guides and give readings form a distance as the guides are not affected by time or space.  The same is true for space clearing.