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The quality of our lives is directly dependent of the quality of our energy.  This energy is the foundation of life and affects how we work, play, exercise, eat, digest, and do literally everything, from thinking, to moving, to breathing. This energy can be called life-force, vitality, or Qi, and it is our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual fuel.  Energy allows our consciousness to inhabit and animate our bodies.  Without it we’re quite literally dead.  If we are constantly feeling less than vibrant and healthy, then we aren’t getting the most out of our lives, and living up to our full potential.  To have a great life, we need to feel that we are powerful, and have the energy to accomplish our goals. To increase our sense of well-being, we need to cultivate our life-force energy, or Qi, balance the inner forces, and connect with our spirit.

This  Course Includes the Following

Qigong postures and exercises for:
  • releasing old, sick, toxic energy
  • gathering fresh lifeforce energy and vitality
  • moving, balancing and harmonizing the body’s energy
  • Physically healing the lungs and improving oxygen uptake
  • Releasing stuck emotional energy
  • Calming the mind and finding peace
  • And more…
Meditations step by step to:
  • Bring more conscious awareness deep into the body
  • Release old emotions and belief structures
  • Experience the multi-dimensional aspects of life
  • Awaken the True Self and Divine Nature bringing forth real transformation
This series of nine classes is designed to bring you into the natural flow of life-force energy and vitality, tapping into the powerful forces of Heaven, Earth and Nature. With practice you will increase your experience of health, harmony, peace and well-being.

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