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Spirit Communication and Mediumship Levels I and II

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Prerequisite: Connecting to and Channeling Your Guides Level 1

This seminar is an opportunity for you to expand your  understanding, abilities and skill in communicating with the spirit world. The training is designed to give you the ability to work as a spirit medium, a channel who communicates with the souls in the spirit world through mediumship. The objective of the Mediumship and Spirit Communication class is to open up your natural intuitive gifts so you can enjoy a greater connection with your loved ones who have passed on and, more importantly, to be able to offer this service of spirit communication to others who are suffering from the loss of connection with their departed loved ones.  

Being able to reconnect with those who are no longer with us in body is a wonderful source of deep healing.  Much suffering is caused by not knowing what has happened and what is happening to those who have died, the unanswered questions, the fears and pain of loss are all addressed and released when this connection and communication takes place. Love and compassion is  always available, and spirit offers healing, guidance and wisdom to those who have been left behind in the physical world. 

This 2-day workshop offers the Channeling student the information, exercises and practice necessary to feel confident in being a spiritual medium. It is an excellent skill for students of Medical Qigong to develop and make use of during healing sessions.

In this course you will:
  • Make the link with the Spirit World and those souls  who reside there
  • Connect with our Spirit Guides and discover the roles they have to play in Mediumship
  • Experience the altered states of consciousness that facilitate Mediumship
  • Discover your modality for receiving information
  • Refine and validate evidence from Spirit to give accurate messages
  • Become a more confident Channel
A Message from Spirit

It is with great excitement that we see you coming to this class.  It is a wonderful opportunity to enhance your Channeling skills and at the same time to develop an ability that will be of great service to those around you.  Since time immemorial, communication with the dead has been a most excellent doorway for those with little faith or understanding of the higher worlds, an opportunity for humanity to discover that there is much more to this vast universe than meets the eye.  Indeed this ability is an important aspect of being a teacher of spirit, one who plants the seeds of truth and wisdom in their walk through this world.

By Kareen Holyer MMQ

Talk about belief systems being challenged and an exercise to being open to possibilities! Last weekend was filled with both of these. What a challenging, exhilarating, wonderful experience. 
The two-day seminar given by Wendy Lang, my Medical Qigong instructor, immersed us in learning how to open up to and use our innate intuitive skill called “Mediumship.”
What is a “Medium”? According to Wendy “A medium is someone who works as a portal or doorway between the worlds, someone who is willing to be used by spirit to bring light, love and healing into the physical plane world.”
Isn’t this what we, as healers, do intuitively? 
Healing takes place on many levels besides the physical, it includes the spiritual, which also effects the mental/emotional. When someone leaves their physical body they often leave behind unresolved issues creating energy chords from guilt, anger, or other emotional ties. A connection can be created to a person still living in their physical body, which may cause disharmony or illness.
At another level, a departed soul may be confused, stuck, or just unable to move on to the next phase. Connecting with this soul through the method of “attunement” allows for communication and assistance. For example, if a person has died suddenly, they may not even realize they are dead and remain in limbo. A living person may feel this unease and be constantly thinking about them. A session with a medium may facilitate communication the deceased and resolve the issue, in other words, a healing will happen.
In my own experience, beings have shown up in my practice at various times either out of curiosity, to make suggestions, or for their own healing. In this seminar, my relatives kept coming into the sessions in various ways, mostly to encourage me, and to “voice” their loving support for what I was doing (learning Qigong and writing their stories). The medium(s) (sometimes we worked in groups) had no idea of who I was or, if they knew me, did not know my history, yet they came up with very insightful information and suggestions. The result was that I felt, and still feel, encouraged, loved and very much supported by my departed family members and ancestors! Wow!
One of the tools healers use is intuition; it follows that mediumship is closely related to intuition, inasmuch as it extends our “listening” to include the spirit world.
There was much more to the workshop, examples are: connecting with Archangels, recognizing the energy attached to an emotion, and the importance of “Developing Awareness in the Spirit Realm”. 
Key factors to develop the skill of being a medium (yes, it takes training and practice), are: "1. Concentrating and Having The Right Intentions; 2. Writing a Journal; 3. Working with Fellow Mediums; 4. Meditation; 5. Being Conscious and Aware".
This Medium seminar was the first Wendy has offered in this field, although she also offers seminars in Channeling, as well as Medical Qigong. Judging by the enthusiasm of the group at the end of the weekend, I’m sure there will be more.
For those of you interested in connecting with those departed (and by the way, this includes animals), this is definitely the seminar for you.

Kareen Holyer is a Medical Qigong Therapist and Acupressurist working in Nanaimo, BC. and the Editor for the “Pressure Release”.

“Mediumship and other extra sensory communications are basically a form of telepathy which the entire collective of universal consciousness uses to communicate with its myriad of aspects. As human beings we exist in a reality where this basic form of communication has been suppressed. By utilising our physical vehicles to a greater degree we increase our ability to negate the suppression and re-install this type of communication …  A simple definition of ‘mediumship’ is a two way communication with another dimensional being. The most common comprehension of another dimension is what us humans have learnt to accept … the spirit world … or the place our loved ones go when they depart this realm. But there are many other dimensions that confer with us in this way” – Matthew James