Tuition and Deposits for Shamanic Chinese Medicine Practitioner,Therapist and Masters Trainings

Full course tuition for each level is $3,980.00, plus $375, 3 day clinic, whether you attend the whole course personally or take partially via video. Taxes may apply.

Each seminar is $995.00 with commitment to the year-long program, totally $3980.00 ($995.00 per seminar), plus $325.00 for the Intuitive Trainings, plus $375.00 for the 3 day clinic.  Full Shamanic Chinese Medicine tuition for Practitioners and Therapist level is $4680.00.

Practitioners ready to commit, contact John Weiss

Therapist and Masters classes: Please make a deposit of $500 here to hold your place.

Therapist and Masters level certification to IIQSCM level may have additional expenses for TCM and A&P.

Masters level requires additionally Awakening Your Light Body Meditation series.

You are gifted 10 days of seminar review without charge for each level of training you have completed and full access to review courses as TA upon completion of MSCM.