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Connecting To and Channeling Your Guides

Level 1 Seminar

Connecting with your guides is a skill that can be learned. The most important prerequisite is your desire and intention to make the connection.  In this course you will learn how to connect with your highest guides and/or Higher Self, and verbally channel their message. Wendy formerly assisted her beloved partner, Phillip Weber,  in successfully training many people to channel using safe, simple, and effective techniques. Since his passing in 2013, she has chosen to continue offering this important work. She will cover what a trance state is, how guides transmit messages, your role as a receiver and translator, who the guides are, how to recognize high-level guides, how to attract a guide, what to expect, and how to develop your channeling skills.

Phillip and Wendy taught this class together many times over the years, to both large and small groups of students.  They received wonderful feedback, with many powerful and life changing experiences being reported. 

Learning to connect with a guide is for all of you that are on a path of spiritual growth and want to receive higher guidance.  It is for healers, teaches, leaders, and all who want to connect with their soul and the higher realms. It is for those who want to manifest their highest purpose in this lifetime.  If you have been studying medical qigong with Wendy, or other forms of energetic medicine, this is an essential skill to develop as a healer.  Learning to connect with your guides will allow you to channel Divine energies, and will make the subtle energies that you are working with much more tangible in your experience.   

In this class, Wendy and her guides will teach you how to go into trance, and verbally channel your guide. You will learn how to connect with a high level guide to bring through messages for yourself and others.  This course is based on the teachings of Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer, and their book, "Opening to Channel".  

This course leads to further study:  Expanding Your Channeling Skills and Spirit Communication & Mediumship classes are available.

Continue reading for more information about Connecting With Your Guides from Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer

Welcome to connecting with your guide!

Opening your connection to the higher realms will create an evolutionary leap for you, for channeling is a powerful means of spiritual unfoldment and conscious transformation. As you connect with your guides, you build a bridge to the higher realms.

When you "channel" you access these higher realms by connecting with a high-level guide or your higher self, who steps down this higher vibration and makes it more readily available to you. Channeling involves consciously shifting your mind and mental space in order to achieve an expanded state of consciousness that is called a "trance." To achieve the trance space you will need to learn to concentrate, get your own thoughts out of the way, and become receptive to higher guidance. In this receptive state you become the vessel for bringing through higher energies, which you can use for creating good.

With a connection to your guide, you can access all the ideas, knowledge, and wisdom that is and ever will be known.  You have an innate ability to reach these higher realms of wisdom and knowledge; you connect directly with these realms in moments of inspiration, inner guidance, and creativity. You might not be able to reach these realms as easily and as often as you would like. Guides assist you in developing your natural gift to connect to the higher realms. They do so by giving you a boost of energy, providing you with opportunities to grow in new directions, acting as teachers and interpreters, and showing you how to refine your abilities to navigate in the higher dimensions. Guides can help you reach upward in ways that are comfortable and aligned with your higher purpose.

Your guide is a friend who is always there to love, encourage, and support you.

Your guide will encourage and help you to discover your own inner knowingness. As you continue to connect with your guide, you build a stronger, more open and refined, constant connection to the higher realms. You will have more frequent and reliable intuitive insights and experiences of inner guidance or knowingness as the higher vibration flows directly into your mind.

Open this doorway into more love; the higher realms are abundant with love. Channeling is a connection that will stimulate, encourage, and support you. Your guide's goal is to make you more powerful, independent, and confident. The qualities of a perfect relationship - constant love, perfect understanding, and unending compassion - are qualities you will find in your guide.

Connect with the wise teacher you seek, one who comes from within rather than from without.

Spiritual channeling can provide greater understanding, helping you find answers to such questions as "Why am I here?" and "What is the meaning of life?" It is like climbing to the top of a mountain where the view is expanded. It is a way to discover more about the nature of reality, learn about yourself and others, and see your life from a more all-encompassing perspective, which will help you discover the greater meaning of the situations you are in. Your guide will assist you in finding answers to everything from mundane everyday issues to the most challenging spiritual questions. You can use this skill for healing, teaching, and expanding your creativity in all areas of your life. As you access the higher realms, you can bring through great knowledge, wisdom, inventions, works of art, philosophy, poetry, and discoveries of all kinds.

The guides are beings of light. They exist in the higher dimensions, and their goal is to assist you in opening your channel to these dimensions so that you may evolve more rapidly. They have great love for you, and it is their concern that you grow and move upward as easily and joyfully as possible.

Your guides want to help you to understand what this connection is and how you can develop this natural ability. It is easier than you might think, and because it feels so natural, some people have difficulty believing that they have connected with a guide or their source self when they first begin.

This course will help you whether you are thinking about channeling for the first time or have spent years in self-discovery. It will help you learn to discriminate between high-level guides and less-evolved entities, and determine whether or not the advice you receive from a guide is trustworthy. It will show you how to connect with the highest guide possible for you.

High guides encourage you to rely on your inner guidance even over their advice.

High guides encourage you to use only that information which rings true to the deepest part of your being and discard any information that does not. Trust your inner guidance and messages. You are a special, unique individual with unlimited potential. We invite you to discover more fully your own divinity.

Types of Connections and What is Conscious Channeling

Some people set aside their waking consciousness entirely when they channel their guides.  They say it is like falling asleep, and remember nothing of what is said.  Those whose conscious awareness disappears during channeling are called "unconscious channels."  They may receive the energy of their transmissions at a soul level, but are unable to recall what their guides have said. 

Some people are partially conscious, and, because they can remember some of the transmission of words and energy from their guides, they are called "conscious channels."  These people are aware to varying degrees of the information as it comes through.  Some may have a vague sense of their guides' messages, but little memory of what specifically transpired.  Some compare it to remembering dreams.  Others feel very alert, receiving their guide's messages alongside their own thoughts.

Conscious channels are aware of what is being said by their guides.

Those who remember what transpires during their channeling generally feel a great richness that surpasses the actual meaning of the words.  They feel as if they are in expanded states of consciousness where every word has greater meaning then they have been previously aware of.  Sometimes the words are accompanied by feelings of traveling.  Sometimes people have feelings of internal shifts to higher vibrations.  Some feel very alert, receiving their guide's messages alongside their own thoughts.  They experience the richness of energy beyond words as they experience their guide's world and their own simultaneously. It is as though they can observe their lives and others from two perspectives simultaneously: their guide's and their own.

Some people think they are connecting to a guide only if they are unconscious, but most channels are aware to some degree of what they are saying.  Lack of any awareness is much less common.  Many great and well-known channels described different degrees of consciousness while their guides were speaking or writing through them.  We only teach conscious channeling, for we feel it is important to be aware of the advice and information you are bringing through.   However, there are many ways to make this connection, and whatever way you connect is the right way for you.

 How to Tell if You Are Ready

The people who become skilled at channeling their guides are often very curious and open-minded. They are aware, sensitive, and in touch with their feelings. They are people who enjoy learning and opening to new skills and knowledge. People involved in creative fields of all kinds are natural channels - healers, writers, therapists, poets, musicians, artists, and so on. People who channel come from all walks of life and from every profession.  The qualities most highly valued by the guides are dedication, enthusiasm, and the willingness to be a channel.  Those who are intuitive, like to think for themselves, value truth, and who can recognize higher wisdom will become very good at channeling.

Guides will help you on your path of spiritual growth.

A person who is able to get things done is highly valued. The guides do not expect your life to be working perfectly, for part of their commitment to you is to help you put your life in order. They expect that making your life work is important to you. They prefer to connect with those who would love to work together so much that they would do it for play. They seek those who are grateful for the opportunity to have this connection.

The highest guides come to those who use and value the information they bring through to the best of their ability. They are interested in people who have spiritual interests, perseverance, and enthusiasm. High-level guides are here to make a difference, to serve mankind, and to work with you in a co-creative venture. They take their commitment to you seriously and will do all within their power to assist you. They expect you to also take your commitment and work together seriously. They highly value those who would give time and energy to work together, for those are the greatest gifts you offer the guides.

Having a desire to assist others, and a concern for their well-being also helps in attracting a high-level guide. Channeling always serves others in one way or another, elevating the vibration of the world around you. Any of you who are assisting others in any way - through your business, personal or family lives, or through your creative endeavors - will be able to attract a high-level guide. As you heal and help others to whatever degree you desire, you will also grow.

Do not feel intimidated or doubtful of your ability to attract a high-level guide, for there are many guides and they are here to serve you. They will do all they can to assist you in breaking through to them once you have indicated the desire to do so.  Guides are interested in bringing higher consciousness to mankind, and they will also bring a higher consciousness to you.

People who are connected to their guides report feeling more grounded, stable and in charge of their lives.

Some people are afraid that they will get too "far out" or "spacey" and lose touch with reality. We have observed that Divine guidance has helped people feel more grounded, more centered, and more able to deal effectively with their daily lives.

Some people are afraid that if they connect with a guide, they will lose their personal identity or get "swallowed up" by the guide's presence. High-level guides never want to take over your life. This is not a surrender of control. Guides have lives of their own, and their intent is to serve you in your spiritual path. You will keep your own identity, and you are likely to find your sense of self greatly enhanced. You may be able to set limits and define your personal boundaries with others more easily than ever before. Far from being taken over by guides, you will know yourself as a more powerful, balanced, clear-thinking person while they are with you.

Some people are afraid that if they open up they will be vulnerable to negative or lower entities. In actuality you are not vulnerable, for you will easily recognize lower entities by their negativity; all you need do is be firm and ask them to leave. You may also call on any high teacher, such as Christ, Buddha, or your guardian angel. These beings are far more powerful than any lower entity. Once you ask for a high-level guide, this guide will begin to protect you whether or not you are consciously channeling. We only ask and caution you not to play with lower entities out of idle curiosity.

Discover your higher purpose.

Some people have startling experiences that serve to open them up. Something happens to them that they can't explain rationally, such as a premonition about an event that later comes true, a visit to a new place that seems hauntingly familiar, an out-of-body experience, or a precognitive dream. Others say they feel swept up in something - coincidences start to happen, doors open, books come their way. They start meeting new people and their whole view of reality begins to shift. Some people who have been studying qigong, yoga and meditation, explored the Eastern religions, or participated in metaphysical  seminars  find that as they ask, "What's next?" they are increasingly drawn to learn more about their healing and channeling abilities. Some people have not even thought much about guides. Then one day they read about guides and channeling, and it suddenly feels right to learn more about it. They feel it will provide them with the shift they have been searching for in all of their previous explorations.

How You Can Use Your Channeling

Besides channeling to obtain higher wisdom and personal guidance, some people use channeling for their creative endeavors, such as writing, music, painting, sculpting, dance, and arts of all kinds. Some people's guides assist them in healing, counseling, teaching, therapy, or bodywork. Some use the channeling state and their guide's higher vibration to expand their creativity in acting, directing, and the production of events of all kinds. Each guide and each connection is different, special, and unique. Some guides are healing, some poetic, some are inspirational, and some are instructive. Some of you may find yourselves able to channel books or write with such ease that books just seem to "get written" for you, for channeling seems ideally suited to writing. Channeling helps you connect to a constant, steady source of inspiration and information.

Channeling a high guide can assist you in your healing work.  You will have more access to the higher energies, and a guide who can modulate these energies to best suit the needs of your patients.  Guides have access to the deepest secrets of your patient’s soul, through all lifetimes, giving you the keys to their health and transformation.

High Level Guides

There are so many places that guides come from that they appear to be infinite.  You might find it useful to classify guides into those who have been incarnated on the earth and have lived at least one earth life, such as the Taoist Immortals; and those who have not lived an earth life and are from dimensions outside the galaxy and stars, such as the fourth dimension; the Masters, guardian angels; and entities from other galaxies and planets.  There are other guides that do not fit into these categories.

Many high level guides are nearly pure energy, having evolved into spirit and taken on a shimmer of light.  Some could be called "beings of light" because they work in the spectrum of light and use the language of light, transmitting thought impulses directly into the souls of those who have given their permission and with whom they work.  They are able to navigate the fourth dimension as well as the fifth and higher dimensions.  They work from the worlds of pure spirit; worlds of beauty and love.   Their assistance is available when you call on them or your guide.  They can only assist you if you request it; they cannot transmit energy to you or do anything you do not ask for and want. 

People sometimes ask, "How can you tell if the guide you attract is a high-level guide?"   All of you have the ability to recognize a guide who is not high.  When you meet people, you have an immediate sense of how wise and loving they are.  You know if you feel good and happy around them or depreciated and unhappy.  With a guide, use the same faculty of judgment that you use with people.  You have the ability to recognize wisdom.   Truth feels as if you already know it.

High guides come to light your path.  Their only wish is for your higher good.  They are there to help you with such things as remembering who you are, letting go of fear, and learning to love yourself and others.  They come to add to your joy and to assist you with you personal growth and your work here on earth.

High level guides neither frighten you nor build up your ego.  They do not flatter, although they will applaud your progress.  They create a sense of expanded awareness and greater inner vision.  They encourage you to use your own wisdom and discernment rather than blindly follow anything you are told.   They never tell you that you "have to" do something or attempt to determine a direct outcome in your personal life.  They support and encourage you to develop and use your inner strengths and deeper wisdom.  They will encourage you not to give your power to them.

High level guides are humble, and acknowledge that their truth is not the only truth.  They may make strong suggestions and assist you in making your own choices.  High-level guides may point out something that is not working in your life, but they will do so in such a way that will make you feel empowered and strong.

High-level guides rarely predict future events.  If they do, it is only because the information is useful for your growth or for humanity.   If the information you receive from someone else's guide diminishes you or makes you feel bad about yourself, or fearful in some way, you do not have to choose to make it your reality.  If you come away from a reading feeling fearful about your life, then you have not been with a high-level guide, for they leave you feeling uplifted and supported in who you are.  They help you see yourself in new and expanded ways.   Be aware, however, that you can turn an uplifting message into one of less joy if you choose to hear it as negative rather than positive.

High-level guides have your higher purpose as their main concern.

High-level guides express themselves with precision, and say much in a few words.  They teach tolerance and encourage forgiveness. Their advice is practical, often simple, modest, never boastful, and follows good sense.   Any steps they advise are useful and bring greater good to a person's life.   High level guides speak only good about people, for their whole nature is filled with love and goodness.

If you ask, they will show you your lessons, speak to you of what you are here to learn, yet allow you to continue in a situation if you choose.   They are careful not to take away your lessons.  If you are headed towards something that will teach you a valuable, but difficult lesson, they may show you more joyful ways to learn the same thing.  However, if you persist in your original way they will not stop you.  It is up to you to choose joy, but if you learn best through pain and struggle high guides will not take these lessons away. 

You can connect with a high-level guide. The only requirements are your desire and intent to do so.

If you have been interested in metaphysics, if you have been reading channeled, self-help, healing, or psychology books, and if you enjoy the ideas you find in them, you have the ability to connect with a high-level guide. If you have been drawn to things that are a step beyond mass thought, if you enjoy being on the leading edge and in the forefront, then you are ready for channeling. As you begin, the ability to maintain a trance state, focus mentally, have good physical health and emotional stability, will contribute to your clarity as a channel and help you to reach the higher levels of wisdom.

Although channeling is of immediate value to you in your life, it takes practice to become good. Those who become adept are people who set aside time to bring through guidance regularly. Just as most people do not become concert pianists in just one session, most of those who develop clear links and good connections to their guides practice on a regular basis.

Ultimately, only you can know if you are ready to channel your guide. Go within and ask, "Do I have a deep desire to channel or to connect with my guide? Does there seem to be an inner urge or voice drawing me in this direction?" Listen to your inner messages.